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British Airways Benefit Fund

Our British Airways Benefit Fund products are closed to new business.

The British Airways Benefit Fund was available to full-time or regular part-time employees of British Airways, its related companies, and franchise/service partner organisations, who are based in the UK. For more information on the policies below, please contact our Member Services team at 01234 358 344 or

Scheme A

Key Features include:

  • Up to £2,112 per year in cash benefits if you're off work due to illness or injury.

Scheme B

Key Features include:

  • Offers 3 levels of tax-free cash benefits.
  • Up to £672 per year in cash benefits, plus dental and optical benefits

BA Sickness Benefit 21

Key Features include:

  • Pays £140 per week after 3 weeks of illness or injury.
  • Can provide benefits for up to one year.

BA in Work – Benefit Plus

Key Features include:

  • Pays up to £49 per week after 4 weeks of illness or injury.
  • After the first 26 weeks, benefits increase according to the chosen level of cover.