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Breathing Space

Breathing Space is affordable short term cover for individuals who may struggle to prove their level of income in the event of a claim - such as self-employed, casual or part time workers or people with fluctuating income. This gives you some time to regroup when facing serious illness, accident or injury without having to worry about finances. 

Key features include:

  • Regular replacement income during sickness or accident for your choice of either 1, 2 or 5 years

  • Covers you specifically for the job you do

  • No financial underwriting at application or claim stage

  • Pays between £125-£288 weekly benefit

  • Pays directly into your bank account every week or month

  • No limit to the number of claims allowed (see Terms and Conditions)

  • Covers you until your chosen policy end date which can be any age from 50-70

  • Right to vote and attend our AGM

To request Breathing Space policy information including the Policy Summary (Key Facts) and Terms and Conditions please contact us on 01234 358 344 or e-mail


Please note

Breathing Space is an advised policy, which means it can only be purchased with the advice from a Financial Adviser. If you are interested in purchasing a policy, you can find a Financial Adviser in your area on