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BF Care

Financial support for you and your family through life-changing events

BF Care is a discretionary package which comes with your Income Protection policy at no additional cost. BF Care allows you and your family to claim additional financial support when life-changing events occur.


What's included?





Payment Type


Benefit Amount


Claimable Event


More Information


Death Benefit





Lump sum
26 weeks’ worth of Income Protection benefit (minimum of £1,000, maximum of £7,500)
If you die






Bereavement Benefit





Lump sum
13 weeks’ worth of Income Protection benefit (minimum of £1,000, maximum of £2,500)
If your partner, spouse or child dies


Terminal Illness Benefit





Lump sum
13 weeks (Bereavement Benefit option) or 26 weeks (Death Benefit option) of Income Protection benefit (minimum of £1,000; maximum of £2,500 for Bereavement Benefit and maximum of £7,500 for Death Benefit)
If you, your partner/spouse or child (up to age 18) is diagnosed with a terminal illness (expected to lead to death within 12 months)
This benefit is an option for either the Death Benefit or Bereavement Benefit. See the relevant FAQs for more information


Care Assistance Benefit






Weekly Payment
Fixed benefit of £125 per week for up to either 13 weeks (Parents) or 26 weeks (Partner/Spouse/Child)
If your partner, spouse child or parent requires full time care. Care must be needed for 4 weeks or more and must relate to a condition which started after the policy was taken out. This cover expires on the members' 60th birthday.


Recovery Support Benefit






Lump sum
4 weeks’ worth of Income Protection benefit
When you return to work after a long-term claim (lasting 6 months or more)






Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can I contact with questions about BF Care?
    If you have any questions about these benefits give us a call on 01234 358344 or drop us an e-mail at
  • How do I claim these benefits?
    To claim these benefits simply get in touch with our Claims Team by e-mailing the relevant evidence to Please refer to the BF Care brochure or individual benefit FAQs for the full terms and conditions including the evidence required to make a claim. Please note there is no cash in value for these benefits.