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Loans and Withdrawals

Guide to loans


Helping our members deal with financial uncertainty is important to us which is why we offer loans as part of our Century and Holloway policies. Our loans are competitive, easy to apply for and provide a bit of financial flexibility in times of need.


Who is eligible?
  • Century members
  • Holloway members
How much can I borrow?

Century and Holloway members can borrow up to 85% of the full value of your investment in your capital account.

What is the current rate?

We offer a competitive fixed rate of 5.15%.

What are my repayment options?

We offer repayment options from 1-5 years.

How can I apply?

Your membership guarantees a fast application and approval process for loans. To find out more and to request an application call our Membership Services Team on 01234 358 344.

Please note

Loans are provided by BFS Member Services Limited.