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Friendly in times of need

There's little point in having Income Protection if it doesn't pay out when you need it which is why we focus on paying as many claims for our members as possible. We pride ourselves on our consistently high claims payment track record  - 96% over the last 14 years and 94% in 2019. We hope it feels good knowing you're covered with a friendly insurance provider you can trust. 

Making a claim

  • You will need to notify us of your claim within the time frame detailed in your policy documents
  • Download a claim form or contact us to request a copy
  • After your claim form has been submitted we will contact you to acknowledge receipt, inform you when your claim will be paid or to request further information
  • Once your claim has been processed we will begin making payments weekly directly into your bank account
  • Our Claims Assessors will be in contact with you periodically during your claim period for regular updates on your recovery
  • Keep us informed during your recovery with details on when you plan to return to work or stop your claim
  • We will always notify you before your claim periods ends

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Claims Team on 01234 358 344.


As part of our Mutual Benefits programme, you have access to a range of healthcare services at no additional cost through our Mutual Support partner, Square Health.

We recommend you make the most of these services, especially if you need extra support during your claim.

Each member is allocated 150 Health Support points to use on any of the services of their choosing at no additional cost:

  • GP consultations (33 Health Support Points)
  • Physiotherapy (33 Health Support Points)
  • Counselling (33 Health Support Points)
  • Second Opinion Services (100 Health Support Points)

To access these services, we encourage you to sign up for Mutual Benefits here.

If you have any questions or need help to sign up please contact our Mutual Benefits Team on 01234 358 344 option 4 or via e-mail at